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Top 5 design principles for network visualization

Let's see how to make beautiful network visualizations. With before and after examples, learn these top 5 techniques of graph visualization.

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The 2020 guide to network visualization and relationship mapping

It's 2020. Techniques and technologies in drawing network data has improved so much beyond the days of us drawing diagrams in Powerpoint. General data visualization has been pretty good with keeping up with the most recent web technologies and design trends, but network visualization is only just starting to catch up with best practices.

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Visualizing thousands of nodes and edges in a network visualization

We've been killing it with feature releases. You can now draw thousands of nodes and relationships in Graph Studio in tenths of seconds!

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New feature release! Draw nodes, relationships, export network data to Excel, oh my!

Today we released a big feature in Rhumbl Graph Studio - the ability to edit data right in your browser! This is an awesome release, one we've been working on for a long time. This latest release is chock-full of features, and is a total game-changer for anyone who is a visual person.

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Hello! Graph visualization world.

This post marks our first ever blog. Why did we decide to launch this blog? As we are constantly releasing new features and making updates to Rhumbl, we decided to have a place to announce feature releases. We will also be posting articles and tidbits on graph visualization. To start with this first post, we'll be talking about who Rhumbl is for and why use Rhumbl for network visualization.

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