Making network visualizations with Rhumbl

Rhumbl lets you easily make graph visualizations online without coding. See how you can make network visualizations with Rhumbl Graph Studio.

Create maps right inside Graph Studio

Create a network visualization with a few clicks

Easily stamp out new maps with a few clicks. Rhumbl provides examples for you to choose from, so you can have a working network visualization in minutes.

Visual editing

Edit network data visually: draw nodes, edges and see changes

Add nodes and group them together. Map edges between nodes. Edit thickness and appearance of links and labels. Visual editing means you see changes in real-time, all inside the browser.

Flexible and customizable

Customize your network visualization

Choose colors for nodes, radius sizes, attach additional attributes and customize mouseover and search behaviors.

Customize your network visualization

Private and public permissions

Publish and share your network visualization

Map viewers can mouseover and click on entities to explore interesting relationships. Search, pan, and zoom in — what a cool way to explore relationships in network data!

Interact, share and publish with your network visualization

Frequently asked questions

How do I use Rhumbl Graph Studio?

You make nodes and relationships in Graph Studio. See your network visualization change in real time! You can also upload an Excel spreadsheet to make a graph visualization.

I don't know how to structure my data into a network.

That's the hardest part. When you make a map, we start your map with examples to get your creative juices flowing, and detailed documentation if you get stuck. We also provide consulting options to help you map your data and create network visualizations.

Do you offer support?

We offer quick support if you have questions or can't get Graph Studio working. For more involved questions like, "how do I map my organization?", that's a more involved consulting option.

View pricing and consulting options on the pricing page.