Feature Roadmap

Last updated: Aug 21, 2021

Upcoming features

We love to get feature requests and feedback, and we love to show our users what is coming next. These features are currently ranked in order of priority, based on customer feedback, so may shift around as users write in. This also doesn't include the micro-bug fixes we push out on a daily basis!

  1. Jan 2022: Manually move nodes around. Currently Graph Studio is entirely an algorithm-based layout. This feature will let users move around nodes and do manual positioning.
  2. Nov 2021: Introduce “Layers”. This feature will let users toggle on/off different types of relationships as they're viewing the map.
  3. End of January 2020 Shipped Jan 24!: A bunch of searching, clicking and mobile improvements, including the ability to search by different languages and browsing on mobile.
  4. End of July 2020 Shipped July 20! : Edit edge thickness in Graph Studio. Currently only the Adjacency Format lets you specify a thickness for edges. This feature will let users enter in a number for edge thickness in visual editing.
  5. End of August 2020 Shipped Aug 31!: Ability to edit an edge's coloring, so you can make it any color you want 🎨🖼️
  6. Your ideas? Write to us at hello@rhumbl.com.

Shipped features

A running tally of the past two years in new features.

Highlight nodes that are most incoming or outgoing in the graph

Shipped: March 2020

Color nodes based on different algorithms

See graph metrics and analyze your network

Shipped: March 2020

You can now see graph metrics and node metrics in your network visualizations.

Shipped: February 2020

Increase max size of data spreadsheet

Share network visualizations

Shipped: January 2020

Coauthor permissions!

Change arrow direction on edges

Shipped: Nov 2019

Reverse directionality on arrows

Shipped: June 2019

Custom changing of node sizes and colors

Shipped: Mar 2019

Introducing the eisBlue design

Tree map layout of directed acyclic graph

Shipped: May 2018

Show in-depth tree map of selected node

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