Feature Roadmap

Last updated: February 8, 2020

Upcoming features

We love to get feature requests and feedback, and we love to show our users what is coming next.

ETA: May 2020

Toggle on/off different types of relationships

ETA: March 2020

View in-depth node and graph metrics

ETA: Sep 2020

Hook up to Google Sheets

Your ideas? Write to us at feedback@rhumbl.com.

Shipped features

A running tally of the past two years in new features.

Shipped: May 2018

Show in-depth tree map of selected node

Shipped: Mar 2019

Introducing the eisBlue design

Shipped: June 2019

Custom changing of node sizes and colors

Shipped: Nov 2019

Reverse directionality on arrows

Shipped: January 2020

Coauthor permissions!

Shipped: February 2020

Increase max size of data spreadsheet

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