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Network visualization tool

Rhumbl is an easy-to-use network mapping tool that lets you make interactive network visualizations from Excel spreadsheets.

Interactivity: network visualizations

Mouseover, click, search, pan and zoom. Automatically interactive graph visualizations.

Mapping relationships in a graph Mapping relationships in a graph Mapping relationships in a graph Mapping relationships in a graph Mapping relationships in a graph

Style: designed for mapping relationships

Network maps need to highlight relationships — the connections between entities in your network data.

Get a running start with style templates. Then customize with your own colors for nodes and edges.

Click to see some of our map styles.

  • Mountain green
  • Blueprints
  • Military dark
  • Sandy beach
  • Light

Analytics: graph analytics tools

Don't just visualize networks, analyze them.

What's the node with the highest degree?

What's the graph density of this graph?

What's the average path length in this network?

Our rich analytics tools help you explore and understand your data.

Graph analytics for your network visualization
Data in graph matrix form in excel spreadsheets to make network visualizations

Data: make network graphs from spreadsheets

Upload your spreadsheet and get back a network map.

Rhumbl helps you structure your spreadsheet in an intuitive way that lets you better model your network data.

Learn more about how Rhumbl works →

Collaboration: make and share graph visualizations

Rhumbl is 100% online. No download required.

Link to your visualization, embed it in your websites, and share it on social media.

Network mapping is all about finding connections, so invite collaborators to edit.

Learn more about features of Rhumbl network maps on the product overview page.

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