Easily create network visualizations without code

Map relationships and concepts into interactive online graph visualizations

Make interactive network visualizations from graph data

Rhumbl's network mapping tools lets you easily create interactive network visualizations online. Browse, search, mouseover, pan and zoom across your interactive graph.

Mapping relationships in a graph

Tools for mapping relationships

Network maps need to highlight relationships — the connections between entities in your network data. We give designers the option to choose amongst color schemes, pick map layouts and configure interactivity options.

100% online: graph visualization in the browser

Rhumbl is 100% online. You upload your spreadsheet, customize your visualization, export and share with others — all online.

Graph visualization from excel spreadsheets

Make network maps from your spreadsheets

For researchers, data analysts, managers or the occasional storyteller — if you can use Excel, you can use Rhumbl.

Plug in your own data from Google Sheets or Excel to visualize your own data.

Zero coding required.

Try Rhumbl for free

You get one fully-featured map, forever free. No credit card required.