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We are back with blogging! (Sort of)

It's been almost a year since our last blog post and general content updates to our site. For those of you who might be thinking that we've gone off the face of the planet, you might be justified. But here's what we've been up to and why we've been silent.

The Covid disruption

When COVID-19 came and everybody started working from home, we actually saw a HUGE increase in our user traffic. Apparently, working from home means people need to come up with better visual ways of communicating information, and more people found Rhumbl. More people started using Rhumbl, and more of those people started writing in to us with feature requests. And pretty soon, we were snowed. Eventually, we started getting to this point:

Our product managers and feature requests

Ok, just kidding. We actually love getting feature requests from our users, seriously ❤️❤️❤️. There are so many great things about hearing from our customers, like most importantly, what we should build next. So we felt a sense of urgency to get all these features out. But in order to do that, something had to get pushed down.

Hence, the content and educational marketing got stale.

Focus on engineering and support

We've used this time to really hunker down on improving the product. A lot of little improvements were shipped, and we made a lot of progress on the big features (the ones on our product roadmap).

We also used this time to double down on really talking to our users. Everyone on the team (including the founder!) has a hand in responding to user feedback and bugs. So if you write to us, we'll write back quickly. Check out our response times from last year vs. this year to help emails.

Average response times to help emails

We managed to reduce our average response time from over 18 business hours to just above 13 business hours! We want to bring this down to under 8 hours.

Going forward

Going forward, we'll be aiming for a blog post once a quarter, so about every 3 months or so. We'll be making biggish posts about substantial content and product updates, rather than smaller posts. We think that's the best way to continue making Rhumbl a better tool, and also to provide useful content to our users.

In the meantime, happy mapping!