Mapping skills and outcomes to jobs

How making a network visualization illuminated a looming threat to Colorado

Concept map of jobs and skills

Mapping skills to outcomes and jobs

The state of Colorado is currently experiencing a severe skills shortage across many aspects of advanced manufacturing. This shortage poses a grave obstacle to the continuing growth of manufacturing; a labor and skills bottleneck could lead to decreased economical output and growth of the economy.

As a first step to addressing the skills shortage, educators in Colorado pinpointed exactly the critical skills and classified them into several subfields of manufacturing, such as engineering and R&D, production and assembly, and welding, etc.

The data was organized in a spreadsheet across thousands of rows and columns. In just a spreadsheet, it was difficult to glean insights from the data. In order to gain a better sense of the data, researchers used the Rhumbl mapping tool to create an interactive visualization for stakeholders.

The visualization revealed several fascinating insights:

If you would like to make your own skills map, we provide a template for concept mapping that you can download.

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