We try to keep Rhumbl as simple as possible. There are three plans: Free, Pro and Teams.

Paid plans allow for you to make more maps of your own. Maps that you are a co-author of don't count towards the map limit.

Plans are billed on the 1st of each month. When you first sign up for a paid plan, your credit card will be charged the prorated amount of that month's plan (prorated by the number of remaining days left in the month).


Downgrading and canceling

When you downgrade to a plan that has fewer space than the number of maps you currently have: The maps that are over the limit will be disabled. This means no one will be able to see them or edit them. If you upgrade back, these maps will be fully-functional again.

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime. If you upgrade or downgrade from a paid plan to a paid plan, we refund you the prorated amount of your old plan, and apply that to the prorated amount of your new plan. If you downgrade to a free plan, we refund you the prorated amount of your old plan.

You can downgrade to a free plan anytime.

To delete your account entirely, drop us a note at This takes around 2 weeks to process and will delete ALL of your data on Rhumbl and is non-reversible.