Migrating from beta

In 2020, Rhumbl officially graduated from beta mode into v1!

This page details all changes, but here are the highlights:

  • New features, of course!
  • Breaking changes to spreadsheets
  • We published a public pricing plan that takes effective immediately.

New features

Spreadsheet changes

  • In the beta version, there were 5 different templates. These are now simplified to 2 templates. The Curriculum and General Curricular format have been simplified and combined into a single Adjacency List format.

    The Accreditation, Concept and Universal formats have been combined and simplified into the Adjacency Matrix format.

  • In the old Curriculum and General Curricular formats, the columns prerequisites, corequisites, parent and department or school columns have been renamed:
    • prerequisitesrel::dir::prerequisites
    • corequisitesrel::dir::corequisites
    • parentrel::parent::[whatever name you want]
    • department or schoolrel::parent::[whatever name you want]

  • In the Accreditation, Concept and Universal formats, the names of sheets have been renamed to let you specify if an entity is intended to be displayed as a node or if it's meant to be a grouping entity:
    • If you want an entity to be recognized as a node, you must name the sheet as node_[name of this type of node]

    • Likewise, if you want an entity to be recognized as a group, you must name the sheet as group_[name of this type of node]

    • Within a sheet, there used to be a column named group that specifies the parent of the entity in a given row. This has been renamed to group id.
  • The column rh_color has been deprecated. Use fill:: to specify the inside color of the node or stroke:: instead to specify the color of the stroke outline of the node

  • Columns with links are automatically detected when there is a link present.

Pricing and Plans

To thank our early users for all your support, we've made the following changes:

  • Users who were on the Early Bird plan have been converted to a free Unlimited plan.
  • All other users who were granted more maps space have been converted to a free Pro plan with an allowance for 3 maps.