Map permissions

By default, your map is private and not viewable to anyone except yourself. This section describes how to publish your map and how to add editor permissions.


By default, maps are not viewable by anyone else besides the author of the map. To make your maps viewable, you'll need to turn on Link Sharing:

With Link Sharing on, whoever has the link will be able to view your map. They will only be able to view the published and saved version of your map.

To link at a specific zoom level, add the query ?zoomLevel=[1-6] to the end of your link, for example:[map id]?zoomLevel=3

Embed your map into a website

You can embed your map into a webapp using an iframe. Simply copy the share link into your html code, for example:

 <iframe src="[map id]"></iframe> 


Coauthors are people who can edit and save changes to your map. Co-authors can only edit the data in your map: they cannot add other co-authors, change published status or delete the map.

Co-authors must have an account with Rhumbl. Add co-authors by the email address they used for signing up with Rhumbl: