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Get started with Rhumbl Graph Studio with a free 14-day trial.

transparent pricing for Graph Studio

Full transparency

Start with a free 14-day trial with space for one network visualization. No credit card needed to sign-up.

Easy to upgrade or downgrae for more or fewer network visualizations

Easy to upgrade

If you decide you want space for more maps, or more advanced features, upgrade at any time. Downgrade at any point with just as much ease.

Amazing value for the easiest-to-use tool for mapping networks

Amazing value

Our fair and transparent pricing gives the most bang for the buck and saves you time when it comes to analyzing and visualizing data.


$5 / mo

1 map

Sandbox Features

Color with styles

Customize interaction behavior

Publish and embed


$7 / mo

3 maps

pro pricing for Graph Studio

All Sandbox features plus,

Get space to make up to 3 maps

Share and invite collaborators


$11 / mo

Unlimited maps

unlimited pricing for Graph Studio

All Pro features plus,

Use your own logos

First access to new features

Priority support

Consulting for mapping

Sometimes, the hardest part is the very first stage — how do I even begin to think about my data, what are the entitites and relationships in my data, what is my goal in showing the visualization?

As we have roots in academia and have done this plenty of times before, we can help. We can help you from starting to end, from collecting all the PDFs or documents you have, to interviewing stakeholders, to structuring it, to making and editing the network visualization.

We offer consulting services in education, academic research, product and technology, finance and medicine.

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