Preparing for the site visit -
Visual ways to demonstrate evidence

Rhumbl Accreditation Maps support accreditation of undergraduate programs at the Singapore University of Technology and Design

In 2016, SUTD successfully completed the accreditation site visit of their four highly interdisciplinary undergraduate degree programs and received very positive feedback from the panels.

Visualization helps with accreditation preparation

Checking coverage and documentation Rhumbl helped SUTD visualize their curriculum and their coverage of accreditation outcomes. It's often difficult to see missing evidence, but on a Rhumbl visualization, it was easy to check coverage.

We worked with SUTD to model their degree programs — classes are represented on the Rhumbl map as large nodes and accreditation key components and outcomes are represented as small red nodes.

Visualizing accreditation key components and classes Visualizing accreditation key components and classes

Using a simple excel template, we then create the matrix that defines which classes address which outcomes. This creates links on the interactive visualization.

Clearly seeing this class addresses these outcomes for accreditation

Rhumbl maps clearly demonstrate evidence

A visual gateway The maps played a key role in the accreditation site visits: SUTD used Rhumbl as a visual gateway for the assessors to access their accreditation data.

The evaluation team was provided with computers. On every computer, the Rhumbl visualization of SUTD's program was displayed. The evaluators used the map to navigate through standards, checking to see how an outcome is being addressed by evidence.

Easy access to evidence Instead of needing to flip through binders, assessors could click on a link to see evidence. SUTD customized the information displayed when the user clicks on a node in the Rhumbl map. For example, for each class SUTD included a url that linked to a repository of student work samples.

Showing detailed information on evidence

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