Network visualizations with Rhumbl

Graph visualization software

Make network visualizations that clearly show the relationships in your data. Graph Studio gives you the data, design and analytics tools to make interactive network visualizations that highlight the important relationships.

Visualizing network graphs

Graph Studio has rich features for making crisp, professional and attention-grabbing graph visualizations


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Expert color schemes for network mapping

Our team of network visualizers at Rhumbl has been making graph visualizations for years. We know what colors work best in networks — which colors to use to draw vertices and edges without making the network visualization look cluttered.

Mountain fresh design to distinguish vertices and edges Dark design to highlight key labels Mountain fresh design to distinguish vertices and edges Light design to present nodes clearly Blue design to to highlight key nodes

How to map your data as a network

Not sure how your data fits into a network model? That's why we made Excel templates for you to get started, with examples spanning technology, medicine, finance and academia. Through our examples, you'll learn to organize your own data into a network structure.

Matrix form for network visualization

Interactive graph visualizations are so much better

What's better than a network visualization? An interactive one. Rhumbl makes network visualizations that behave like a map — do all the things that you would when interacting with geographical maps, except with nodes and edges.

Interactive network visualizations

Customize your network visualizations

Want all outgoing nodes to highlight instead? Want different node sizes or colors? Want to change the info panel display? Customize every facet of your network visualization in the Rhumbl Graph Studio.

Customize your network visualizations

Clear graph analytics for every graph visualization

Other network mapping tools show lots of numbers, but Rhumbl helps you decode those numbers and what they mean. In our network visualizations, we present the most useful metrics so you can intuitively understand what's going on in your network data.

Tree network map showing node rank Graph metrics on entire network map

Embed and link out your network visualizations

Rhumbl makes it easy for you to keep your visualizations private, or to share them with just collaborators or even the whole wide world.

Share your graph visualizations with co-authors and the world

Make network maps with Rhumbl Graph Studio

Rhumbl provides tools and support for every step along your mapping process.

Rhumbl Library is a collection of network mapping templates and articles to help you get started on identifying entities and relationships to make a network model.

Rhumbl Graph Studio is the premier tool for editing, customizing and analyzing network visualizations.

See a step-by-step of how Graph Studio works.

Graph Studio is a visual interface for network mapping

In the wild
Play around with a real network visualization

Pan, zoom, search — explore the network map of the MIT OCW curriculum. This network map represents all the classes offered at MIT. Blue nodes indicate whether the class is available online at MIT OCW. Read more at our examples of curriculum mapping.

Take a step-by-step walkthrough of how Graph Studio works.