Rhumbl is the easiest way to create graph visualizations from spreadsheet data.

It runs in your browser, no download required. Rhumbl is free.

What is a graph visualization?

It looks like this, a lot of nodes (circles) connected by edges (lines):

what a graph visualization is

You can organize your data so that related things are clustered together. You can interact with the graph by mousing over, tapping on nodes and swiping on the map.

Why would I want a graph visualization?

When bar graphs and pie charts won't do: when you want to show relationships. For example, you may have some data of pokemon and what they evolve to, and where they tend to be found.

Pokemon evolution table Where to catch pokemon

If we put it into a graph visualization, we can better see pokemon evolutions, and where they live.

Map showing where to catch Pokemon and evolution

Use cases for accreditation, curriculum mapping, and project management

Show compelling visuals of how your program meets accreditation requirements

You need to show the accreditation reviewers the mapping between your educational content and accreditation program outcomes.

Convey your message with a compelling visual using a Rhumbl Map screenshot. Or create an interactive Rhumbl Map and let your reviewers navigate visually through your program's mapping.

Make an interactive map for people to explore classes at your institution

Use it for student advising, share it with deans and other leadership offices, publish it online to showcase your school.

Use Rhumbl Maps to visualize your project structure.

Highlight crosscutting collaborations and quickly identify potential gaps. Present your data in compelling visual ways so that upper management and employeees alike can instantly see your point.

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