Rhumbl visualizations transform storytelling

Build your own interactive visualizations and share the stories of your connected data.

No coding skills needed:
If you can use Excel, you can use Rhumbl.

How it works:
Visualize your network data in 3 easy steps


Organize your data in Rhumbl's General graph visualization excel template


Fill in the template's matrix to indicate relationships. Add cells to the template to customize your color scheme if you wish.


Import your spreadsheet into the Rhumbl Editor. Use our easy toggle buttons to tune your spacing and search behavior.

You're now ready to publish your interactive network visualization.

Visualization & analytics for your portfolio

Highlight connections across your portfolio.

Use Rhumbl to map the relationships between your people, projects, resources, and more.

Create beautiful interactive graphics that are instantly searchable.

Customize the interactivity to display information of your choosing on mouseover.

Include clickable urls, and use your Rhumbl map as a visual gateway to your data.

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