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Turn your static tables into stunning interactive visualizations with Rhumbl.
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No coding skills needed: If you can use Excel, you can use Rhumbl.

How it works:
Visualize your accreditation in 3 easy steps


Create a list of your outcomes and your evidence of student achievements (exams, homeworks, projects, etc.) with Rhumbl's easy-to-use Accreditation template.


Fill in the template's matrix to indicate which outcomes are addressed by which pieces of evidence.


Import your spreadsheet into the Rhumbl Editor and publish your interactive accreditation map.

Features for engaging accreditation site visits

Accreditation reviews are much easier when you and your evaluators can visualize and explore your accreditation data.

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    See at a glance how the classes in your curriculum map to student outcomes.
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    Search on keywords to display information across your curriculum.
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    Customize the interactivity to display information of your choosing on mouseover.
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    Include any property of your evidence, like keywords or URLs — it all shows up in the customizable information pane.
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    Include clickable urls for each of your evidence pieces, and use your Rhumbl map as a visual gateway to your data.

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